Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My breath caught in the early mist of the day. Solitary I stood in a grove of towering Redwoods; a breeze swooped down through the forest giants, swirled about me, swelled my heart.

All this majesty... with only me as audience?

If the mighty hand of the Creator-God is displayed in a quiet forest moment, and (almost) no one is around to see it, does it still move mountains?


The greatest strength in all the world, stooping to whisper, to embrace.

...a taste of things to come.

In the following days, I soaked in new knowledge and watched in amazement as I became increasingly aware of a slow whirlwind (what would that be? A meander-wind?) of His handiwork all around me.
Standing in the eye of the beautiful storm, I was humbled.

And I wonder. Why does His strength, His perfect timing, His gentle teaching and orchestration, surprise me? I once attended a candle-lit orchestra concert in London. I entered with expectant joy of the melodious strains to come. I didn't stand up in amazement when the musicians blended their notes in perfect harmony, when the conductor cued them with expert hand, and shout my amazement at the lack of chaos. I entered, knowing I was about to watch masterful people carry out their masterful tasks.

And I wonder. Why do I not enter each day with the same expectation of God? With eyes eager to watch, a heart eager to discern, His masterful moving?

He's opened the eyes of my heart anew these past two weeks... and I am humbled.

What has He opened your eyes to recently? How have you been humbled by His personal working in your life?


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