Friday, March 23, 2012

The Beautiful Truth about Numbers

Numbers fascinate me. Yes, yes, I'm a word nerd and all, and unfortunately I've made my share of number blunders over the years, but that doesn't mean I can't be a fan of mathematics. Right?

But recently, I needed a little reminder that the number equation in life, whatever it may be, is not bigger than its Creator.

Ratios. Odds. Statistics. So often stacked against us. But what of the God who has set us on the path we're on?

The God who created numbers, enabled ratios, is not bound by them. I don't know what statistics you're facing today, but whatever they may be, cling to the truth that God is our guide, not the numbers. He is the one who has set you on the path you're on, if you've heeded His calling, and He will take you where He wants you to be in His perfect timing, even when the numbers say it won't happen.

In my case, I'm speaking of where we are on the adoption road. Just under a year ago, we began the process for adoption #2. We are still waiting, but we are happy to be waiting. We want what God wants. While speaking with a wonderful adoption worker with the minstry we're working with, she was gently informing us that the number of adoptions they've seen take place has slumped in past years. In that moment, I felt God impress on my heart a beautiful truth: That's ok. We don't need high probability. We just need the one God has for us.

And if He changes our path along the way? If an adoption never happens? Well, we rejoice in that too, knowing His plan is good, and the past year of waiting has not been in vain (see this post from the archives about dead ends not really being dead).

So, take heart! Whatever it is that YOU are facing, just remember: even when the odds are stacked against you, they're not really. Not at all. Just dwell in the truth that His perfect plan, timing, and methods are just right, and having nothing at all to do with likelihood or probability.

He is Mightier.


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