Thursday, May 3, 2012


The Greatest Strength in all the world, stooping to whisper, to embrace. The Greatest Strength. The Creator of the universe, the Author our faith, the God who is mightier.

"Magnify Him!" is the call, the beckoning that resounds in Psalm 34:3.

I always had trouble, back in my middle school days, finding the tiny amoebas under the microscope in life science. This, though, is a far different connundrum: How does one put such a fathomless God... under a microscope? He's macro, if ever macro was.

And yet not distant... and so a telescope would be no use.

How can we magnify such intimate greatness?

First, by rejoicing that he is too vast to contain under a puny glass.

Then, by taking note of how He...
1) is working in our lives right now,
2) has worked in our lives in the past, and
3) has always worked in the lives of His dear ones, from the beginning of time.

Whatever facet(s) of Him are on full display in our lives right now, let's search them out as he's searched us out. Let's magnify that part of Him, rejoice in it, exalt His name in it.

So... my question for you today focuses on #1 above: what is God doing in your life right now? Share if you like, that we may take note and magnify Him together!


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