Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Waiting Room, Trusting Room

Last week, every where I looked, there were posts, scriptures, messages... about waiting. Trusting. Serving in the waiting.

There was heartache laced between the lines of some of what I read, there was joy tiptoeing in through others, but it all pointed back to one thing:

He knows what He is about.

And so, today, I've rounded up a few of those sightings for you.

His Banner of Me is...
Jessica R. Patch's account of God's tender, personal ministering to her last week: ""Keep marching, Jess. It's not over yet. Not while I'm still over you."

The Author’s Wait (vlog): Heather Day Gilbert shares God's reminder to her that He is the one who determines the outcome of things. Our job is to trust in that, and to do what He sets before us.

When “Cease the Day” means “Be Still and Wait”: My own musings from last week's post. Here's a snippet: "That phrase- “waited patiently”—it indicates true waiting. Not foot-tapping, wristwatch-checking, exasperated-multitasking-waiting, but ordained, joy-to-be-found-in-my-purpose-here waiting. "
Mary Keeley over at Between the Lines (Official blog of Books and Such):
Mary takes the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) and shows how they apply to the writing life.

Melissa Tagg over at MBT Ponderers: Scary Prayers and Patience... Again.
A hint of what you'll find  there: "Someone—maybe my mom?—once told me that patience isn’t waiting. It’s waiting with a good attitude. And perhaps that’s the trickiest part of all: choosing to wait with peace and joy."

While many of these are written by, for (or both by and for) writers, the principles are ones that apply to any area of life. May these posts minister to you as they did to me last week.

What about you? What is God calling you to entrust Him with this week?

Tune in this Friday for this week's edition of "Better Than Fiction: Real Historical Romance Tales." This one will have your heart aching, in an amazing way.


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