Friday, August 3, 2012

Better Than Fiction: The Ultimate Sacrifice, the Greatest Love

Today, our tale is one that rends the heart,
shows the love of five women for their husbands,
and the love of those couples for the work and people God placed on their hearts together.

It's not an easy story to hear, but it's an important one.

On January 8th, 1956, five young missionaries were killed in the mission field.
This is the story of their widows, their love, and God's grace through it all.

Take six minutes to watch this video, with the story told in their own words.

And in their words, you'll also hear resounding echoes of the love God poured onto these
brokenhearted women; the way He carried them, wrapped them in His peace that
passes understanding.

Wow. How is that for an eloquent conclusion? But truly, it's all I can muster to say. Wow.

Come back next Friday for author Olivia Newport's story of God's hand in her own parents' love story. I just received it last night, and trust me-- it's a great one.

**If you have an idea for a Friday "Better Than Fiction: Real Historical Romance Tales" Feature, visit this post for criteria and submission details.**


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