Thursday, May 24, 2012

Woven Treasures

     Fingers plucked and eyes pricked as I held a scrap of hemming lace and worked to loosen decades-old knots.

     Who knew that my self-of-yesteryear would toil to secure those knots, once-upon-a-time in that treasure-scrap, tying off a chunky braid in Samantha doll’s hair in a clumsy web of clumped lace… only to pack it up for storage some years later (College? Marriage? Moving? Who knows...), only to pull it out tonight to introduce Samantha to my real, live treasure girl.

     Who knew, when younger-version-of-me did that, all along God knew the little hands that would brush that doll hair with me in a future I could not foresee?

     I know it’s silly when detangling a scrap of lace makes me teary-eyed—and granted, I’m a bit over-emotional of late—but humor a hair-brained gal for a bit?

     I pulled and loosened and straightened those knots tonight  and thought, “this is weird.”

     A little Twilight-Zoney, you know? Not in the Talking Tina doll sense, but… I don’t know.  Something about this: the last person to touch this lace was me. Kid me. Me in my youth.  

     I had thought it was a treasure done-with, but the odd time capsule of threads in my fingers tonight said otherwise.  

     This may be a bit of a leap, analogy-wise, but…

     How often does God weave threads into our stories, spinning them around and about facets in our lives as we skip, march, dance, trudge, or otherwise move through our days? …threads that, with Expert hand and Knowing heart, He picks up and brings to the surface when we’d forgotten them. When time has passed and we thought something was done with, and then we see—no. He has a purpose for it still. When we need to see the beautiful truth that Yes, After All, He is…always has been… At Work.

Even when the threads of evidence disappeared for a bit, He’s been at work.

...And since it's a post about a doll, I'm going to stick a clip from a kids' movie in too. Why not go all out since I'm exploring the deeper meaning of kid stuff?
Really, though, have a listen to the song (above)-- it's worth it.

     How have you seen Him take a circumstance in your life—from years ago, even—and finally reveal His purpose for it?


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