Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reflections on Rain


...since I already posted about that favored form of condensation here.

Last night, the air was laced with it, saturating the evening with peace long before a single drop fell.

And then the sky let loose.

The beat on the roof drew my gaze out a window, where no spectacular views awaited: just a parking lot, a nearby road, and cars whizzing by with headlights piloting through the dusk.

But then the asphault began to dance with the splashing, joy in the cadence of something simple, solitary, ordinary... brought to life by something Heavenly.

Suddenly it was spectacular.

The heat cooled, the cloistering air of asphault-warmed-too-long quieted, and the once-mute asphault reflected prancing headlights from the road.

Full of foolish notions I may be, but it was lovely.

...and, as you may expect, there was an analogy: Hey! This is what God's word does in our hearts! We dive in, and His word, like the rain, provides a reflection where there once was none. A standard by which we can look and see the state of our hearts.

And the best part? Hope. Hope of the promise that He fills, He heals, He enlivens the muted parts of our lives, quiets the chaotic, and washes away the things that don't belong.

New life. That's what He does. Isn't it grand?


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