Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Only One Thing.

What’s your life like these days?” I asked online yesterday. “I want to know. …I’m mulling over tomorrow’s blog post. My hope is for my blog to be a haven for you, a refuge of sorts. To that end, I want to know how best I can meet you where you are in life right now. So... in a word or a phrase, what's your life like right now?”

First of all, silly me. I can’t create a haven, meet you where you are. But I can point to the One who will, and I pray He’ll be present in these words today.

Second of all, here are the responses I got:

·         Struggling, trying to commit to the right things and knowing God is in control, even when I want to be!!!

·         Waiting for God to move in lots of areas! Trying to keep the faith and keep praying.

·         I feel like an octopus being pulled in every direction. Seriously.

Uh-oh, thought I. I’m in trouble. I can’t advise on any of these things. I’m facing them all, too!

Nail-biting and shifty eyes ensued as I brainstormed what I might be able to offer that could serve up hope, encouragement in the midst of these things. The good news? I totally relate to the people online who answered my little question. The bad news? I relate! Who am I to try and conjur sage wisdom when I need it myself?

Fledgling ideas came to mind about things to say that might encourage. Thoughts about doing what’s next. About pressing on and trusting when your life feels threadbare. About grasping moments of peace.

but none felt just right. And finally, as I prayed over how best to root down and weave words of hope for these places, the answer came in the last response of the evening:

·         Hectic! I look forward to Bible study for refuge and refueling. I sit down, close my eyes, and I’m at His feet. Great joy!

Did you catch that? At His feet. A dear friend of mine said that, so full of wisdom herself. And immediately I pictured Mary kneeling at Jesus’ feet, and Martha toiling in the next room. I could hear Him speak those words so tenderly to Martha:
Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.”  
(See Luke 10:38-42) 
I cannot tell you which things He desires you to keep and/or let go of. I can’t tell you when or how God will or will not move, except to say that He is moving even when we cannot see it. And I can’t zap away the pulling forces on all 8 octopus-tentacles…

But I can sit right next to you, at His feet. I need to. For if we do the one needful thing, the rest will follow. He’ll show us which things He wants us to do. He’ll reveal His workings, in His flawless time, as we wait on Him. And He’ll ease away the clamoring things that pull at us until we think the aching will give way to breaking… he’ll ease them away or give His perfect direction, His strength made perfect in weakness.  

Mind if I sit with you a while? Right here at His feet? It’s the only thing. The only needful thing.

In that hush, He works.
*Special thanks to those who answered my question online yesterday... this one's for you!


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