Saturday, July 21, 2012

Come Join Me at My New "Digs"

As many of you know, this past year has taken me down the unexpected (and gloriously fun) road of authoring my first book.

That manuscript will soon be shopped to publishers, so in preparation for that, I have been studying how many authors and publishers connect with their readers. One of the outcomes of this "study" is my author Facebook page.

I love connecting with readers here on the blog, and would love to see you over there as well. For a taste of what sorts of things will slip into your feed if you "like" my page, here's my current posting schedule:

And if you're more of a Tweeter than a Facebook-er? Find me on Twitter at @AJDykes.

Looking forward to our conversations!

In other news, if you hop on over to Melissa Tagg's blog this coming Wednesday, you'll find me over there talking about my writing systems and set-up. Hope to see you there!


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