Saturday, July 14, 2012

Better Than Fiction

**Since I write historical romance, I thought it would be fun to feature true love stories from history here each week.**

8/9/2012 update: I had a thought. Historical Romance, as a genre, is not solely about the romance. I am expanding this series so that it is not limited to love stories. Love stories and ANY story that demonstrates God's hand in a given situation will be considered for posting.

If you have a neat tale in your family (or have come across a story in research) of how a couple met, a moment of sacrifice/valor/true love shown, etc., I'd love to hear it.

The Guidelines:
Story should...
  • Take place before 1950 (exceptions can be made)
  • Be around 300-800 words (I'm flexible on that)
  • Demonstrate God's hand working in the story. I write for the CBA (the Christian book market) and strive to encourage others and glorify Him through writing... what fun to do so by magnifying what He's accomplished through history's love stories!
The style of your writing is up to you. It could be narrative non-fiction, research-toned, or whatever you feel is best.

E-mail your submissions to SimpleRevelations {at] gmail {dot] com with the subject line "Guest Post- Better Than Fiction". Include a brief author bio and your photograph (if you want it included) as well as links to your social media and web pages if you have them.

Submission does not guarantee inclusion in series, but I will carefully consider each post and how it fits with this blog's audience. Thanks for your interest! I reserve the right to make minor edits to submissions.


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