Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Light Bulbs and Lifelines

I had a lightbulb moment.

I mean literally... there were lightbulbs involved.

Three of them.

It all started as I was mixing something in the kitchen with  my trusty wooden spoon. Some high-pitched buzzing shrieked into the silence, and I began hunting for the source of the cacaphonous hum.

It's perfectly normal to circle the kitchen alternately putting your ear up to the fridge and the outlets, right?

The source of the buzz eluded me, until finally, I turned my gaze upward. A lightbulb was the culprit, shining bright and "singing" just as brightly. We turned the lights off, switched them back on, and saw that the bulb in question was a gonner, sitting dark in its recessed cavity in the ceiling.

And it wasn't the only one! I realized that two others had already been out, and so I set to replacing the scattered dead bulbs.

Those other two must have been out for weeks (at least), but I hadn't even noticed. When I flipped the lights back on, though, the room gleamed in a luminosity I'm sure I haven't seen in months. How could I not have noticed the increasing dimness?

I'll tell you how. One bulb at a time. It was a slow fade, and I'd grown accustomed to the dim light without even realizing something was amiss, until that rogue bulb spoke up.

Are we not like this in our walks with the Lord? I know I am. Little by little, I drift... whether from meaningful devotion time, habitual and heart-vested prayer, or investing in the lives of my brothers and sisters in Christ, these lights blink out one by one in subtle obscurity until one day, He opens my eyes to the dimness I've allowed to become normal, throws me a lifeline and pulls me from a sea of comfortable complacency.

It's true, it's a "slow fade when you give yourself away... when black and white have turned to grey..."
{quoted from this song:}

Have you experienced this at all? What was your "lightbulb" moment?


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