Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Series: Word Musings

Yup, catching up. As in, I've been slacking in the blog-writing department.

So here's the haps: the "Lessons from the Road" series is at an end; thus begins the "Word Musings" series.

I love words. You might say I'm a word nerd. It's ok, I've come to terms with this- I even own a book by that name. I frequent websites such as "Word Detective." There was even a time that I considered extending my schooling indefinitely to pursue a degree in something that sounds like a pasta dish (Linguistics. Am I not right? Pasta!).
I find it delightful and just plain awesome that...
(a) language is a major way that God provided to communicate his truth to us, and
(b) nearly every word is like unearthing a story. Where they've been, where they've gone, how they've changed, what they mean... amazing.

Join me for who-knows-how-long (notice the absence of a specific month name in the banner for this series) to revel in God's creation of language, a provision for speaking, learning, and living truth.


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