Friday, March 18, 2011

Captivated Cap

I've been mulling over "cap" for a few days.

Don't ask me how these things pop into my head; it's a rare occasion that I remember what sparks the word waltz in my brain. Anyhow, I've circled the dance floor with the root-word "cap," and here is the result.

 Approximate Transcript of my Mental Exchange with Myself.

Me (picture me sitting straight up in bed with one finger raised in "Eureka!" fashion in the middle of the night):

"Cap" means "head"!
Surely it means head.
A captain is the head of a ship.
A pen cap sits atop that miraculous invention.
Capital, baseball cap, decapitate (sorry to throw the macabre in there, but it did make an appearance in the thought process)...
yes, "cap" means "head."

(...sometime later...)
Wait! I wonder if that's where "Captivate" and "Capture" come from!
(pause for momentary mind-blown awe)
...because if that IS the root of those words, I need to explore the spiritual significance here.

Really! What captivates us, or captures us, is defined by what we choose to do with our head (i.e. mind. Or cap.).

(pause for the mad clickety-clacking of the keyboard as I later scour the etymological corners of the internet for answers.)

Woe is me! I was wrong.
...maybe I can re-write history to salvage my spirtual conclusions.
...maybe I can ignore the fact that "capit" and "capt" ARE Latin roots for "head,"
while "-Cept," -"cip" and "-cap" (as in "capture" and "captivate," go figure...) mean "to take, to receive."

Oh, well. At least I was halfway right. "Cap" does mean head, but not always. Sometimes it's from an entirely different root word, meaning "to take."

...wait a second. Just because they don't share the same root, doesn't mean that the truth here is any less true. Wake up, Amanda! It seems the Lord is impressing something on your heart here.

What IS captivating your cap? What DO you allow to capture your mind? ...and how does this end up leading your heart?

Every moment is a choice. What will I allow to captivate (literally "take") my focus?

May it be Him, every time.

"Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. " Colossians 3:2  (in context here)


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